Hey Guys!! Everyone loves to have flawless skin right? But we can’t have it until we adhere to a daily routine. There are 4 steps that I follow as my daily rituals. Don’t worry it is super easy and less time taking. You just need 10mins daily.

  1. Face Wash – The foremost important thing to follow is to cleanse your face, use the product according to your skin type. I have combination skin – not too oily, not too dry. I have been using Biotique “Honey Gel” face wash nowadays and it is perfect for my skin.
Biotique Honey Gel Face Wash

2. Optional Step (Scrubbing )  This step is something I do 2 times in a week, I love the result after scrubbing my face, it removes the dead skin, black, and whiteheads. Make my face clean, healthy, oil-free and smooth. This step is followed after a face wash.

3. Cleanser Or Toner – Cleanser helps to clean and soothe your skin. Any good cleansing milk would help. I generally skip cleanser and use Toner, It helps to tighten my skin pores and soothes my skin and reduce acne as well. I love almond honey toner – “Green Bliss” and Cucumber toner -“Biotique”.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Face Toner

4. Face Serum – Now this step can be skipped in day time but can be followed at night time. The serum comes in different forms, light serum as well as heavy serum. you can apply a few drops on your face and massage it gently. It provides the required nourishment to your skin and helps in damaged skin repair. I have been using – Green Tea Face Serum – “Innisfree” and Age-Defying Radiance Booster – “Biobloom”.

5. Face Cream – A day / Night Cream / Sunscreen / Moisturiser any of them are must if you want to save your skin from dust, pollution and SUV rays. I have been religiously applying day and night cream – “lotus herbals” or Biotique “Morning Nector” and I love them. This is basically the 5 skincare process I try to follow every day.

Biotique Morning Nectar

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please find the link to the website wherein you can find all the products of “Biotique”. It is chemical-free and Organic. https://www.biotique.com/