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Stay at ITC Rajputana Jaipur

Rajasthan has a special place in my heart because I and Sparsh had our first official trip together to Rajasthan. It was my second time visiting Rajasthan but, it was the first time for Sparsh. I wanted to make his stay all luxurious and not ordinary. Our first destination was Jaipur. It took us almost …


Lockdown Court Marriage

Here is a Glimpse of our court marriage. I and Sparsh met in MBA in 2015. We started enjoying each other’s company. became best friends and then we decided to spend our life together. We know each others best and worst habits and it makes life so easy together.


Top places to Party & Shop in Goa

The pandemic has hit us hard and it really reminds us of the trips we had in 2019. Well, thankfully we went to Goa twice last year. I think once the lockdown was at ease Goa was the first destination people planned to visit. Well, that’s the best place to escape & if you want …