There is a girl bawse in every home. From taking care of the family to earning money and being Independent. Juggling with roles every moment and making everyone happy. Can we define a woman’s life? I guess not. So, for all the women out there, you are strong, capable, and self-sufficient to achieve everything in your life. If you think you are weak? You are not. If you think you are not perfect? I think you don’t need to be perfect. If you think you are not beautiful? You are the most beautiful being that God has created. Let no one tell you what you should be, All you need is to be confident and be you. Let go yourself of the boundaries – be fierce, be bold, be happy……………

This look is my favorite look so far, bossy and free. The best part about this outfit is the skirt, I had an eye on it for quite some time and finally, I got it on a sale. For such outfits check out H&M, Lee Cooper, Westside. These are my favorite brands for corporate outfits. These are my new add ons in my closet and I am so happy about it.

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Skirt – @h&m / Shirt – @Leecooper / Sandals – @Luluandsky / Bag – Irla Market (Santacruz)