Losing weight isn’t magic. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. But don’t forget gaining weight takes no second. Try and follow some basic principles in your life to stay fit and healthy.

Count your calories: Always count on what you eat. Quantity always matters. I have seen so many interviews of Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor, they are foodies but they always focus on one thing – Feed yourself as much as you need and don’t end up eating too much.

Don’t Starve: When you starve, you stress yourself. It leads to hormonal imbalance, which eventually fluctuates your mood and impacts your health. Our body needs “food” from time to time and if you are on an empty stomach it leads to bloating which may increase weight.

Exercise: Doing exercise is hard for many of us, it is something many people skip. You have to motivate yourself and do any kind of physical activity and it helps. I would suggest you just do walking or stretching. It can be done anywhere, The main purpose is to burn what you eat.

Detoxify your body: It is always important to detoxify your body. Drink warm water with half a lemon empty stomach every day in the morning OR have apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water empty stomach. It helps to maintain the PHP level of the body and removes toxicity from your body.

Reduce Sugar & Dairy Consumption: It will help you to balance your body weight and improve digestion.

Drink a lot of water: Our body needs a lot of water to function properly. So, drink a lot of water to have a healthy body, mind, and skin. It helps to have the required minerals for the body to keep the metabolism in place.

Include Fibre In Your Food: Try and include fiber in the form of salads, dry fruits, Beans, etc in your food. It helps in good digestion and eliminates constipation problems.

Note: I am not an expert, These are some of the healthy habits I have started to follow in my life. It has improved my lifestyle a lot and I am sure it will help you too. Feel free to comment below, what works for you and what would you like to change in your lifestyle.