Hello lovely people… After the movie padman, I guess everyone is a little chilled out to talk about periods. Well, it’s great to see society is opening up, sharing of knowledge is happening around. Well to tell you – when I was in school and I got periods at a very early age, I thought it was scary and why do I have to go through this 7-8 days every month. I was horrified in school, sitting at the edge of the chair so that I can save my skirt from getting spoiled. Rather than giving attention to my studies, my concentration was on some other things. I just waited for the lectures to end and get back home.

That time I was 15 or 16 now I am 25, I can see I am more confident about periods, about “what I use” and I know which brand sanitary napkins works out well for me and of what size. I received this gorgeous PINQ – sanitary pad box and I was super excited to have it in my life – https://www.pinq.co/

Check out the above-mentioned link for all the details. PINQ produces high-end quality products and they are even encouraging women entrepreneurship.

What you get in a PINQ box?

  1. Pads – Made from high-quality cotton of whatever size you would want to have
  2. Panty Liners – Made from high-quality cotton of whatever size you would want to have
  3. Tea
  4. Some skincare products
  5. They add other products depends on the subscription you have taken

I hope this blog was helpful. If you are interested to try this amazing subscription box find the link here: https://www.pinq.co/shop/