What do you munch on when you are hungry? samosas or vada pav or some packet items? You must have had consequences of these things on your body because these are not healthy stuff when consumed daily. It just increases your weight and your stomach suffers. Whenever I eat oily items, my stomach tends to bloat and felt acidic in my gut. Having healthy and food consciously is a journey and it takes time.

One day, I was just wondering what to eat while standing in my office canteen, like everyone – My eyes were also staring at the fresh, hot fried samosa pav and other stuff. I stopped myself from having them 😀.

I went to the other counter and saw “Rine Bars” at the display. It was for Rs 60 / bar. I thought why not to have this rather than binging on the samosa? It was a blueberry bolt, looked tempting filled with goodness of berries. I love all kinds of berries. I loved it so much that it became my go-to option on munching.

some of my favourite munching options are – Roasted Makhana, Almonds, Saute veggies, Sprouts etc.

About Rine Bars: The bars include real ingredients, no preservatives, natural sweetener, GMO-free (Genetically modified foods), 100%Natural, No added sugar, Consist of Omega 3, Gluten Free, Kinds of cereal and proteins. They have 4 types of bars. Blueberry bolt, Nutty strawberry, Peanut butter, and Mighty Chocolate.

Blueberry Bolt(Omega3): It consists of blueberry which has enormous health benefits – It Keeps your heart strong, Boosts focus. Added Omega 3 which improves your mood, keeps you fit and healthy.

Nutty Strawberry(Cereal Bar): – It consists of strawberry along with dry fruits. It helps to keep your bones strong, you feel active and healthy. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast it is the best option to start your day with.

Peanut Butter(9g protein): This bar is the source of protein. If you do gym or are involved in more physical activity you must have proteins in your life.

Mighty Chocolate Bar(14g protein): If you need quick energy this can be a go-to bar for you. It is yummy along with health benefits.

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Please find the link to the Rine Bars website. You can buy it from there if you are interested.