whats hidden in your closet girl


Red In My Closet {Fashion}

Influenced by YouTube hauls and reviews I was keen to try Shein.in clothes, I got some 7 odd outfits altogether. It was “paisa-vasul” shopping. Now my closet has something new added to it. Some do and don’ts while you shop from Shein.in: Do you know they have 200 off on first order and 100 off …


Winter In Pink {Fashion}

The Winter season has been my favorite season, but after staying in Mumbai for 2 long years I crave Winters. It is more humid and sunny out here, Well I would not deny the fact that I miss my sweater and cozy outfits and the feel of sleeping in fur blankets for long hours. But …


Bohemian Vibe (Fashion)

Earthy!!Dark!!Colorful!! outfit defines a bohemian look. These are some rare collections in my closet. I had a big crush on this shirt when I saw the amazing blend of colors on it, Just grabbed it at 400 bucks (50% discount) from “Fbb store” – Lucky Me!! I paired it with my cotton denim shorts which I …