The shirt dress has been one of the styles quite famous and trendy during the 1950s. Well, being in the 21st century I am also quite fond of them. To write this blog post I took inspiration through a couple of other blog posts and pictures. The shirt dress has been an inspiration from Men’s fashion since the 90’s – The collars, open buttons, and the patterns like Checks, stripes, etc. 

This outfit made me feel quite authoritative, confident, and formal. In the ’90s the major focus has been on the fabric, It was usually made in cotton or silk. But now, this style has become more versatile and trendy with different patterns, colors, and fabrics. 

A couple of months back, I went to North Goa for a few days. I had only planned to eat good food, visit the beaches, and not shop. While I was on my way back from Aguada fort. I spotted a small clothing shop near the Taj hotel. They had everywhere written – Only for Rs 150. How could I miss the opportunity of not visiting the shop? I wanted to try my luck to find some good pieces at such an affordable price. So, this is how I got my hands on this shirt dress. The color, size, and fabric were perfect for me. I got a couple of tops, shorts at the same price. It was a good shopping day indeed. 

After I reached back to Bombay, I decided to do a photoshoot. It was quite a hot and humid day – exhausting but got a couple of good shots. Here are a few of them for you guys!

Why should you shop from a Flea market place?

You get a good deal in less amount. You contribute to the environment to “Reduce landfilling” – fast-moving fashion has increased production eventually leading to extreme pollution. So a small step will make a big difference for future generations. Visit this article for more details.

Rose Pink sneakers – westside store for Rs 1500

Beautiful statement earring – Mumbai local train just for 20Rs