Rajasthan has a special place in my heart because I and Sparsh had our first official trip together to Rajasthan. It was my second time visiting Rajasthan but, it was the first time for Sparsh. I wanted to make his stay all luxurious and not ordinary.

Our first destination was Jaipur. It took us almost 1hr 50 mins from Pune to Jaipur flight. From the airport, it will take approx 25mins to reach the hotel. We were quite excited to check-in at – ITC Rajputana Jaipur

Here is a detail video of the room tour and a glimpse of the property:

ITC Rajputana Property & Room Tour


The architecture of the hotel is really beautiful, royal, and very well managed. They maintained all the hygiene and the need of the guests were very well taken care of.


The food is of good quality. There are multiple options for dine-in. check out the link here for more details.

My Review:

I think they are perfect. Due to covid, we understand it would have been difficult to manage such a big property but we had all the comforts required.

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