Being a Virgo I have always loved outfits with minimal distractions. I have always focused on fabrics when it comes to buying clothes, it should be rich in quality, comfortable, and less flashy.

Virgo’s love their basics, be it simple jeans and a t-shirt. Trust me they can attend any function in this outfit, Just kidding!! Virgo’s are attention seekers hence, they prefer looking graceful and smart. Being a Virgo myself I have created this look for you guys. I hope you like it. The top and slit palazzo/trouser are from Galleria flea market, Powai.

You can always tweak your outfit here and there, by adding some accessories you can definitely make your outfit standout.

I hope you like the look.

Palazo – | stilettos – Lulu and Sky | Top – Colaba Causeway | Handbag – Irla Market Santacruz

Don’t Forget to peep into my closet…. Love Uh All.