Agritourism is a fancy of village life or a getaway from the cities hustle and bustle. The city life and covid situation have left us jailed in our home. Eventually, not just city travel plans have been reduced but have also restricted international travel. Everyone has a fear of getting infected but people do want to have that breather and some escape.

The same happened with my family. we were just done with staying at home at all times and not going anywhere. Hotels have never been an option for us as we feel so suffocated in a centralized closed room and eventually all hotel chains are the same. A good fancy resort or agritourism resort idea looked like a good option to end the year 2021.

The credit of visiting the Agritourism resort was of my Mother-In-Law. Being a regular audience of the shark tank she had it all decided to where we were celebrating our new year 2022.

Just a day’s stay was enough for us to have that calmness and relaxation in our lives. we were the last to book the tent, thankfully we got the availability last minute. The premium tents and villas were all booked. But we were happy with what we got (not to complain about anything). It was all clean and cozy. You get what you pay for – right?

We paid 4K for a person, it included our stay in the tent, breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner (They got all meals covered), Farm visits (For which I was too excited). Saw agriculture landscape, vineyards and we had a very conversational knowledge exchange. The cold breeze and the sunset view were so therapeutic.

Find some pictures and videos of the trip below. I also wore my outfits which were 3 to 4 years old – I didn’t get a chance to wear them earlier, so I was so proud of that achievement 🙂

A glimpse of the Trip

Link to Yashodhan Agri Tourism –